Professional Deep Clean

We know that you hate to clean all the mess after you have partied all weekend long. Let us do this job for you, so you can sleep and lay in bed all day after. Just call us and our professionals will come on site with all the necessary detergents and equipment to carry out the work. Do not worry that your home will be sucked in dust after a whole month of holiday overseas, we are here for you, taking also same day appointments. Just go out, catch up with a friend and we will be ready in no time.


There is a difference between the After builders cleaning service and the Deep cleaning service that we offer. Please see below which type of cleaning is for your property, because depending on the clean, we send different team and equipment. Difference between Deep cleaning and After builders cleaning service:

Deep Clean VS After Builders


- Builders have cleaned all the debris in the property

- You have finished all the renovation work, there is no builders dust and you would like to finally move in the property

- If you had some small renovation jobs done: painting of a wall, removing of furniture, installation of new furniture, etc.


- You had building work done and the builders have not cleaned the debris in the property

- Builders have cleaned after themselves, but there is still builders dust and debris left

- You would like a professional clean, but you are still not moving in the property, as you will be renovating other rooms

- If you have had a loft conversion done and not carried a clean afterwards

Our Prices


After Builders Cleaning service from £22 £20 per hour

Domestic Cleaning service from £17 £16 per hour

Regular Cleaning service from £15 £13 per hour

Deep Cleaning service from £20 £18 per hour