Professional Domestic Cleaning


- Prior guests- make them wonder how you cope with 3 kids and still have time to clean

- As a present for your other half (everyone knows that the domestic chores are boring)

- So you can evaluate our service and continue with our Regular Domestic Cleaning

- After party and guests- we know how hard it is, when you had a great weekend and house full of people, to clean up and put everything back to it’s place at the end

- If you have kids/pets- there are toys everywhere and the sink is full of dishes, but you want to spend some quality time with your little ones. No worries! Weekends and after work hours are for the family

All areas of the house

- Dust surfaces

- Dust and hand wipe furniture tops

- Dust chair rails, and door panels

- Vacuum carpets

- Vacuum and mop floors

- Dust blinds, window sills, and lock ledges

- Dust furniture

- Dust pictures frames

- Dust lamp and lamp shades

- Clean mirrors and windows on the inside where safely reachable

- Empty all trash

Our Prices


After Builders Cleaning service from £22 £20 per hour

Domestic Cleaning service from £17 £16 per hour

Regular Cleaning service from £15 £13 per hour

Deep Cleaning service from £20 £18 per hour